Here some

Here some As soon as in a nose the crust is formed, in it instantly there is also a small finger if it knocks over such crust, there can be a small bleeding.

Here some councils how to stop bleeding from a nose Plant the child to itself on knees, having a little inclined forward.

Clamp his nostrils not less than for minutes.

Nasal bleedings arise at damage of vessels to a nasal cartilage a nasal partition.

At their stop of the best result it is possible to achieve if to enter into a nostril a cotton wool lump so that nostrils remained free, and densely to press to a nasal cartilage, having squeezed its vessels.

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The father

The father Therefore the daughter before the father, and the son falls in love even more strongly with mother hotly loved by it.

He with pleasure would marry it and even promises it to execute it, here if not the father, if not the father.

The kid in it sees the main obstacle conceived.

The father a hindrance on a way of the child.

Without understanding precisely sense of the words love, marry, the kid, py imitating the father who after all once managed to take as wife to itself his mother, considers for itself necessary to do the same now, after all it, eventually, as the father, he is a man.

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Two mothers

Two mothers And here main issue Your child quietly sleeps all night long Not to seem the black sheep, you answer Yes, almost all.

You would like to share with someone your misfortune, but you are surrounded by parents of children who sleep exclusively well.

Let the good dream of children of your girlfriends does not spoil a dream to you.

That the kid well Sleeps, yet an indicator of parent care.

Besides, they can exaggerate tranquillity of children.

Two mothers can look after absolutely equally children, but one child will sleep, and another is not present.

Perhaps, you managed the child with the special inquiries which temperament leads to awakening.

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Whether you plastic

Whether you plastic Whether the low toilet seat and whether is covered it with a being locked cover Children mo to dive headfirst into a toilet bowl.

Whether you plastic not glass use glasses for on a caressing and soap trays Whether you lower water from a bath at once upon termination of using by it And, certainly, never leave without supervision of the child in a bath the kid can choke, even if in it there was very few water.

The most widespread accidents according to stages of development of the child From the birth till months a vertkost and aspiration to reach burns accidents loss from a bed falling from a table on which you change clothes of the child, or from detswhom armchairs From to months crawling and walking the accidents connected with toys the sharp ends, loops, for a talkivaniye in a mouth of parts of toys falling from a high children's armchair bruises about acute angles of a table burns from cigarets accidents because of a habit all to suffice burns from hot to , cuts about splinters of fighting subjects accidents when walking on walks accidents From to years walking and research the accidents connected with a zalezaniye on something food poisonings the accidents connected with research it was closed in a case, for climbed in with drugs the dangers connected with capacities for water the pool, a pond, van ache cuts accidents Security measures in kitchen Whether the child uses unbreakable ware Whether you prepare usually on back torches and whether turn the teapot handle to a plate cover when the child is nearby Whether there is at handles of torches a protective cover Whether there is at you near at hand a fire extinguisher Choose multipurpose fire a quencher suitable for elimination ignition of liquids and electrodevices.

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Sorrel to crush

Sorrel to crush I CAJIAT FROM THE PLANTAINParsley and plantain greens small to cut, add a polished horseradish, to salt, fill with sour cream, to decorate with circles of boiled egg.

Parsley a plantain sour cream tablespoons, a horseradish tablespoon, egg piece.

CAJIAT FROM ROGOZYoung escapes in length About cm to boil in salty water, water to merge.

Sorrel to crush on a meat grinder, to add salt, pepper, vinegar, to mix and connect with boiled the rogozy.

g of young escapes , g of a sorrel, g of vegetable oil; salt, vinegar, pepper to taste.

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